eatdrinkblog – part 2.. saturday – Australian Food Bloggers Conference 2011

Finally, the day had come for the conference. As much as I was excited I was overcome with nerves. It was like showing up to the first day of school. I knew no one. So I jumped in a taxi from North Sydney to the Electrolux Demonstration Room at Mascot. $60.00 later I arrived.

First things first, I registered, retrieved my cool as lanyard with my name on it and grabbed a peppermint tea from the Toby’s Estate team. Then sat myself down in the back row. Because everyone knows that’s where the cool kids sit. 
Just in the first 10minutes it became clear to me by the amount of SLR digital cameras and the gigantic sizes of some of the lenses that I was not around a bunch of armatures. Not a moment went by during the whole conference that you didn’t hear the click or flash of a camera. It became white noise after a while.

I also realized that going out the night before hand for a few sneaky beverages was not the brightest idea, as there was a few times during the first half of the day that I felt quite ill.

Here’s my un-edited photo montage of the day

Valarie Khoo from the Sydney Writers Centre
sydney writers centre
Lindt Macaroon Tower – nom nom nom nom

Hard at work ~ twittering + butterscotch lindt macaroon + better writing seminar.. and that’s how I roll.
twitter updates
The final lunch preparations were smelling fantastic..

Michael Gall from My Aching Head with a seminar about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, served with flat bread, taztiki, a mixed tomato salad and pea and broad bean salad. This was so delicious. This meal was cooked by Nonie Dwyer, meat provided by MLA – Meat Livestock Australia. I had the privilege of meeting the representative from MLA who was absolutely lovely, Matt, I think his name was.
slow cooked lamb shoulder
Look at all those busy bloggers..

Nonie Dwyer from River Cottage, preparing for the Lamb Masterclass. The lamb was supplied by MLA.

Nonie make butchery seem so sexy!!

Don’t you think ?? Chicks with knives (or saws) rock!! 😀

Nonie cooking a lamb stew.

Snap! Snap! Snap! go those SLR cameras.

The Crab Masterclass with Lars Svensson, executive chef from Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse.
kingsleys steak and crab house
In the making of Singapore Chilli Mud Crab

Snap! Goes those cameras, oh and iPhones 😀

Oh my ! The end result was delicious.. sticky, sweet, spicy, So delicious.
chilli mud crab lars svensson
Bread and Afternoon Tea provided by Brasserie Bread.

Overall, a fantastic day. I hope to attend the next one. I learnt so much and I took a total of 353 photos, just at the conference!! WOW..

Till Next Time..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ben says:

    “Then sat myself down in the back row. Because everyone knows that’s where the cool kids sit.” SOOOO true! Cool and beautiful kids!!


  2. Justine Giddy says:

    dude/…………..wheres my fucking CRAB!@ YUM


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      It was soooooo good.. I have his recipe somewhere – I can send it to you if you like


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