The Bramble Patch – Glen Alpin, QLD

Off the beaten track, and in the hills of Stanthorpe, lies The Bramble Patch. As you drive down the long dirt driveway you are surrounded by various patches of berries – of which none were really in season (by the looks of it).

Inside the refurbished and renovated farm shed is their cafe. Featuring all things berry related – ice cream, sundaes, ice cream burgers, thickshakes, poffertjes, coffee and house-made berry pies.

I ordered a boysenberry icecream + coulis for Parker and I to share, I also ordered Bart a raspberry icecream + coulis. MIL ordered a strawberry icecream + coulis and a berry sundae for FIL. The rest of the table ordered a icecream burger and poffertjes. (photos are in order)
Due to the amount of people and possibly lack of staff available we were forced to wait 30minutes after ordering food, but it was definitely worth the wait.. *insert drool here* So decadent and very beautiful.

The Bramble Patch stocks over 60 different gourmet products varying from sweet jams to savoury sauces, relishes, quince pastes, nuts, coulis and fortified wines.
Our group, walked away with a haul of goodies …

Even Parker enjoyed The Bramble Patch
Desserts range from $5-$10. Ice-creams are gluten free 🙂

Check their website out –

Bramble Patch on Urbanspoon

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