Dudley Street Espresso, Annerley

Ever since I started blogging, I knew that one day I was going to review my favourite coffee shop. Dudley Street Espresso was my haven. When Ditty, Bart and I lived around the corner from DSE we would venture up get a coffee and, what we call ‘heroin’ sandwich. I was devastated when we moved and I couldn’t find a worthy replacement for my beloved DSE. So luckily, when I was able to get the chance to go (baby-free) on a not so busy day with Lucy, I grabbed my camera and I couldn’t wait. It had been so long between heroin sandwiches.

When you approach DSE you will notice the small size of the eating area. It’s very cosy, and quaint. One side of the shop is cluttered with an eclectic mix of antiques, that are all available for purchase. It is for this reason that parents are asked to keep their children under supervision at all times – stated on signage that has sparked some controversy in the blogosphere.

dudley street espresso antiques and collectablesdudley street espresso antiques and collectablesdudley street espresso antiques and collectablesdudley street espresso antiques and collectables

We grabbed our seats near the window, ordered coffees and two of our favourite types of ‘heroin’ sandwiches – Lucy purchased the vegetarian with roasted capsicum, babaganoush, swiss cheese and rocket, and I opted for the smoked chicken with aioli, tomato and rocket. Both come already toasted. My other favourites have been smoked ham, brie, sun-dried tomato and rocket oh and the rare roast beef !! YUM!!

dudley street espresso cappucinodudley street espresso latteThese sandwiches never disappoint, but if you are wanting one you better get in quick – they only stock a number of each, and because there is a fair few small businesses around, lunchtime gets very busy.

Feeling very satisfied, we sat and chat, but then I got a sweet craving.. Need sugar now! If you like decadent rich and chocolatey goodness.. then you have to try the Baci Chocolate Mousse Cake … OMG .. wow..

dudley street espresso chocolate mousse cake
But don’t be fooled by DSE’s small size, they have a range of simple breakfast and morning tea options as well; banana bread, muffins, slices, cakes, gourmet toasties and biccies, sometimes they have homemade minestrone and pumpkin soups as their winter warmers too.

dudley street espresso dudley street espresso dudley street espresso
Check it out.. Dudley Street Espresso won’t disappoint.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Love your work Lolly keep it up


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