Hillbilly Espresso Bar, Mount Tamborine

Yesterday was my besties birthday.. We decided to celebrate with a mini road trip to Mt Tamborine to do some fossicking for thunder eggs, check out some local produce, find some homemade fudge and do some rainforest walks.
curtis falls imagerainforest imagecanopy imageAfter a brisk walk to Curtis Falls, we were famished. Lucy had a hankering for bacon and eggs.. when she wants something, she has to have it.. she’s very determined when she has a bacon craving. We drove around for nearly an hour looking for a cafe or restaurant that had a decent all day brekky menu. Finally on the north side of the mountain we came across Hillbilly Espresso Bar.
hillbilly coffee imageHOORAY! Finally, bacon cravings averted.

Luce ordered the half breakfast; one egg, one rasher of bacon, one grilled tomato, one piece of turkish toast + extra hashbrowns and a coffee.
half breakfast image
I ordered the Hillbilly breakfast – two eggs, two rashers of bacon, one tomato, a small handful of mushrooms and two pieces of turkish toast, oh plus two little hashbrowns 🙂
hillbilly brekky image
I’m so glad we stopped here, it was much needed energy for our thunder egg fossicking. The staff were lovely, the food was decent and Lucy said the coffee was good 🙂

Peace Out.
x Lol.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barry Clough says:

    Great coffee ,atmosphere and staff , love it


  2. david says:

    very dissapointing,
    the food looked like it was thrown on a plate, service was lousy, coffee was disgusting, value for money compared to other cafes on the mountain 2 out of 10,
    will never go there again, and will definantly spread the word,
    how bad this place is…..


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