Toscanis, Garden City

I don’t  know many people on the Southside (of Brisbane) who haven’t eaten at Toscanis at least once… Recently (I dont know how recently), Toscanis has had a reno.. and it is looking lovely, I am so glad they upgraded their shitty plastic tables for nicer ones and improved the outside and inside dining area, but anywho, onto the food aspect.

toscanis imageWe seated ourselves quickly, as my inlaws had arrived before us. We decided on Toscanis as the Glen Hotel wasn’t open and we wanted to have dinner for Barts birthday. I had already perused the menu online and there was a lot more to choose from last time I had eaten there.

I ordered a cider, the boys ordered a beer each and my mother in law ordered a glass of wine.. all which arrived later than expected. I was the last person to get my beverage, I was also the last person to have nearly a 1/6 of it spilt down one side of my leg and throughout my handbag. The waitress bombarded me with apologies which was a little awkward after a while and handed me teatowels and chux to wipe it up. Not a good start to say the least.

After waiting a further 10 or so minutes, a waiter returned to take our orders. Meanwhile the owner was lurking around, walking in circles around the dining area making me feel a little uncomfortable. We placed our orders and waited another 20-30minutes. After ordering the waiter returned to inform us they were out of gluten-free pasta.. which made me question what kind of cafe/restruaunt which has pasta as a staple, forget to stock up on pasta? <weird>

At last our food arrived…

prawn and chorizo risotto imagepumpkin and sage risotto imageBoth Cath and Bart ordered risotto. Barts prawn and chorizo risotto contained 5 small chunks of chorizo, and 3 prawns with an extra tail floating round in the mix, and Caths pumpkin and sage risotto contained very little sage and very undercooked pumpkin (so undercooked I needed two hands to squash it with a fork?). Both risottos also seemed to be cooked with long grain rice.. poor form if you ask me.

Tahn ordered the market fish with a side of steamed veggies – which were so rock hard you could have taken someones eye out with them if thrown at full pelt.
market fish imageCalvin very much seemed to enjoy his Toscanis Chicken, so much infact there was not a bit left on his plate 😀 toscanis chickenI ordered the NY cut Wagyu steak (m.rare) with a side salad and mushroom sauce.. the sauce was lovely.. a nice break from the traditional creamy mushroom 🙂 However the steak was not Wagyu and reminded me of a cheap rump from Woolies. The steak was clearly not cut New York style either (NY cut is minimum 1″ **please correct me on this if this is wrong) … let alone cooked medium rare.. was more medium to well done.. and $8.50 for a side salad that big is a bit rich I think. Really disappointing.
steak imageAfter we finished our meals, a few of us decided to order dessert, in hope that Toscanis could possibly redeem themselves.

ny cheesecake imageAnyone who knows me, or knows me well rather, knows I am a sucked for cheesecake, especially NY baked cheesecake – ugh, so rich and dense and amazing. Well this was everything but.. the base was undercooked, the cheesecake itself was horrible and flavourless the only good thing about this dish was the fresh cream.. pretty sad really.

All in all, a pretty disappointing dining experience at Toscanis at Garden City.. which is odd because I have visited the Southbank venue a few times before college for breakfast and lunch and both the customer service and food was very much superior to the Southside eatery. Cath also mentioned that, not so long ago, she and Calvin visited the Carindale location and she said it was fantastic.. so all in all, very inconsistent.

Let me know what you think below…
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Danika says:

    I went there once about eight years ago, I have never been back and never back to another Toscani’s


  2. Capt says:

    Worst ever service at Garden City…On my “never ever give another chance too list”


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