I had my final lectures at uni yesterday, and it reminded me how lucky I am to be around like-minded individuals in a positive and constructive learning environment. Our human biological science lecturer brought in some cuttings from her medicinal herb garden to share with us, and so that we could take some home and strike them ourselves. There was heaps to choose from – mint, rosemary, yarrow, lavender, lemon verbena, sage, vitex seeds, organic peach kernels, elderflower, mugwort. I took some lemon verbena, elderflower and vitex seeds; in hope of expanding my kitchen-medicine cabinet garden.

My lecturer also left us with some really beautiful words from Ghandi that really reaffirmed to me how my state of mind affects the outcomes of my actions. Although I am aware how my negative mindset does impact on me, it is definitely nice to be reminded. She also gave us methods on remaining healthy and positive while we start our exams – healthy body – healthy mind.  Any student can use these techniques while heading into exams!

She calls it ‘Cleaning Out The Fish Tank
1. Awareness of emotional poise .. mindfulness – are we using our head mind or heart mind ?
2. Air .. breath work – integrate methods like prana breathing and deep breathing relaxation techniques.
3. Water .. intention – staying hydrated and using flower essence therapy.
4. Movement .. exercise, myotherapy, acupuncture.
5. Nutrition .. whole foods, vitamins,minerals, herbs, fats.
6. Sunlight.
7. Spinal Alignment – in conjunction with movement, chiropractic movement, yoga, pilates.

I was sad when I left, knowing that when I returned in three weeks I would be sitting the two exams I dreaded the most. As I walked to the lift, I noticed the ‘Awareness Wall’ .. a wall temporarily put up in each semester where students can add their thoughts and reflect on others. It made me realise that, for me, this semester was about awareness and change.

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We’ve had a tough year – so much change – good and bad .. we went from not being married, to being married, comfortable to being financially insecure, calm and collected to stressful and distant. We are ready for 2016 to be over, in hope that 2017 will be better. Change is good, most of the time, it suppresses stagnation and sterility, but .. being aware and accepting of change is hard for someone who is so comfortable. I am aware now that I am blessed to be surrounded by people who love and care about us, I am aware that change not only be uplifting and invigorating but energy-consuming too – and that you have to work for it to be a positive outcome. I am aware that change makes people stronger and adds to their personal constitution and I am aware that I am stronger than I think, when faced with change that I cannot control.

Awareness is a powerful concept. It can encourage and stimulate change, if you let it..

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