a cute easter sunday

Today was such a beautiful day; we ate, played, read, laughed, napped. The boys played most of today; laughing, chasing each other with Nerf guns, they watched a few movies and played superhero trivia. Meanwhile I finished and sent off another assignment, recipe developed and scheduled another 3 blog posts, did some last minute groceries and planned an easter egg hunt for Parker.


Parker had requested that he wanted a fire in the backyard and seeings as it’s just cooled down, we decided it was perfect weather for it.


Bart and I snuggled on our double-moon chair, next to our little fire, watching Parker run around the backyard looking for hidden eggs. Gypsy, our jet black Layanese cat, watched in confusion as Parker darted across the yard. We sipped beverages and listen to Parker talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.

Look at this gorgeous specimen that is my husband!

We finished our easter Sunday with nachos and a movie on the couch.

What did you get up to ?



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