PODCAST – theblissbombproject x melissa gearing, the naked naturopath

Listen to the amazing conversation Melissa Gearing and I had on anxiety, depression, natural medicine, burnout, blogging, life, food and community.

Tune in here !!

There’s a new podcast every week to two weeks, on a variety of subjects and with some really amazing guests. Here are some of my favourites:

* Herbs, Herbs, Herbs !
* Nurturing, Nourishing Nutrition! with Dr Damian Kristof [This guy is the creator of the amazing Forage Cereal]
* Get Cooking with Ben from Apothecary Kitchen

* Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea With Infuse

Also, head over to Mel’s website, take a look around and visit her blog. She is extremely talented, knowledgeable and truly down to earth.

Leave a comment below, if you would like to know more about any of the topics we covered, or more about Mel or myself 🙂

Lolly xx

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