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  1. Sarah Lawson says:

    how do i pull a reciepe off here Lolly please help!!!


  2. Roni says:

    Our mutual friend Lilly just put me onto your blog…it’s fantastic! You go girl! Your passion & warmth are tangible, inspiring….thankYOU !


  3. Lea says:

    Are you making any State of Origin cupcakes for sale and if so how much each?

    Ph: 3337 0000


    1. Sorry no I don’t make origin cupcakes. Maybe contact Ambrosia Cupcakes.. they make some wicked ones… I have a review here :


  4. foodthatsingscatering says:

    Hey Lolly,

    I’m so excited! I just hit publish on the post you helped me with.

    Wanted to send you over the link since I promised to as soon as it went live:

    I’d so appreciate if you’d share any comments or feedback you’ve got. And if you’d like to share it, I’d just love that :))

    Cheers & thanks again,
    Roni xx

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