Here are some truly inspirational and wonderful blogs – please enjoy.
A beautiful written blog by one of the most honest and passionate people I know 😉
“I’m an Aussie stay at home mother to two young girls.  My life is about them, my husband, my love of cooking and eating food, creating, getting filthy in the garden and simple living. I’m passionate about sustainability, homebirth and babywearing. I also have a soft spot for yoga, pilates and meditation too.”
– A fantastic, minimalist and simplistic site created by an Aussie woman named Jules, who has commited herself, for the rest of her life, only to cook with five ingredients.
“Stonesoup is a blog about helping people become better home cooks by using a minimalist approach to cooking. It’s about reducing the number of ingredients, the amount of equipment, the number of steps involved and the time we spend in the kitchen to a minimum so we can focus what’s important.”
– Billy Law’s – featured on MasterChef – food blog that features the best eats in Sydney, NSW and around the world.
“A Table For Two a food blog … with drool-worthy food photography to salivate your appetite. I also throw in a smidgen of my food and travel photography for good measure”
–  Jim is a dad who in his words…
“is just trying to make cool pancakes for my daughter”.
– Laura is a self confessed fruit addict who is 23years old and lives in Sydney, Australia.  Her blog is about
“Balancing all the pleasures that food provides & being healthy at the same time (and) enjoying ourselves & eating what we want without over indulging or missing out on foods we cherish”.
– A superbly written blog about a woman who believes that pork crackling is the food of gods.. Now that’s my kind of woman!! 😛
I am a food tragic with a penchant for recipe books, miniature-sized objects and all things kitsch. Armed with the rest of my Sesame Street toiletries and my ultra-camp Joy of Liberace cookbook, I aim to lovingly blog my culinary ventures in a bid to discover a life outside of instant noodles (they’re sooo good but sooo bad).”
– Join John, the Sydney based food blogger, on his written and photographic journey thru the culinary world. His blog is fantastic, simple and brilliant.
“I’m a Sydney-based gourmand & ex-chef that loves his food, coffee, wine, and any travel that requires a passport. My mission is to gnaw my way across the Sydney landscape (and anywhere else a plane, train or bus will take me), experiencing the good and the not so good in what lays before me”
– I have had this blog bookmarked for a while now on my PC.. Her love of all things food, and food photography OH and bento boxes excites me 😉
“I love to eating, taking photographs and writing. I take my camera everywhere I go. My family, friends and workmates have grown accustomed to their meals being photographed.

Just a woman and her love for good cheese 🙂


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